Located in the heart of the East Village in NYC, Graffiti Food & Wine Bar offers a vibrant downtown vibe with the casual elegance of upscale dining. The Next Iron Chef 2010 Runner-up Chef/Owner Jehangir Mehta has pushed palates - with this sweet & savory shoeboxed size restaurant which he designed himself. Serving up eclectic international small plates that feature his trademark affinity for bold flavors and spices, Chef Mehta uses the harmony of Asian ingredients with French/American cuisine to make Graffiti a truly unique dining paradise. 

224 E 10th Street
New York, NY — 10001
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Located in Tribeca, with an intimate space seating 20, Graffiti Earth features Chef Jehangir Mehta's signature style of dishes with a string emphasis on sustainability in a more elegant downtown vibe. At Graffiti Earth, Jehangir will serve vegetable-forward courses with flavors rooted from his native India and Persian heritage, creating an interesting juxtapose of temperatures, textures and tastes, with flavors from all around the globe.  Mehta will conscientiously focus on working with unloved produce and underutilized seafood, sustainable proteins and healthy grains with the ultimate goal of reducing food waste. Seafood and meat offerings will be beautifully balanced with plant-based options sharing equal billing if not center stage,  in ways that maximize flavor, utilizing “ugly” fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste because of minor (and non-flavor-affecting) aesthetic flaws, and calling for underutilized fish that can be caught without damaging ecosystems. 

130 Duane Street
New York, NY — 10013
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